xoxo, Sarah

Forever Rooted and Grounded in His Love. Ezer Kenegdo ☮♥
Computer Software Sales

Calypso by ThemePirate

Stoop kid’s afraid to leave his stoop! ✌️
Family time at LAX before my heroes go off the help the world 💗 #seeyalatermamaanddad!  (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))
He brings me the best care packages when I’m sick. Thank you, cutie 💋 #yesterdaysootd #loml
Ninang’s favorite girl 💋
Mini middle school reunion for Baby Z 💙👶 #mtgleason


Always have and always will be obsessed with these two

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"say hello"

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Merry Christmas, beautiful people! 😘

Flashing. Lights. 🎆
Gratzi to our gorgeous hostess! #Christmasparty #missingFrodo #soulsisters